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March 13, 2009 at

Company Clothing Awards 2009 for "FOOTWEAR INNOVATION"

Footwear Innovation Award

MAGNUM Elite Force 8.0 WPi

MAGNUM – background information

MAGNUM, world leaders in certified safety uniform footwear, continue to strengthen their global market share in 2008 / 2009 with further investment and research in product design, innovation and development of high performance tactical footwear for occupational, uniform and safety wear. For over 25 years, Magnum has been the leader in offering unsurpassed comfort, technology and value in uniform footwear used by law enforcement, military, fire/rescue and emergency medical agencies around the world. The Uniform Collection offers safety footwear for construction, trade and industrial personnel. Distributed in over 100 countries, Magnum footwear is made to stand up to the most demanding situations while offering uncompromising comfort and performance.

BS EN ISO 9001

MAGNUM is accredited to ISO 9001 - the international quality assurance standard for the quality management systems employed by the company. The accreditation covers design, manufacture, product and supply distribution, sales and customer service support. It is the ultimate guarantee of both the company’s product and the company’s customer service.


MAGNUM builds the foundations of its business on trust, teamwork, honesty and mutual respect. All business partners that are involved with the operation of MAGNUM whether sourcing product, manufacturing or subcontracting must submit signed copies of the Code of Conduct, providing a guaranteeing understanding, compliance and implementation.


The evolving Personal Protective Equipment directives have focused attention on the need for risk assessments and there are now legal requirements on the employer to provide footwear that addresses all the risk areas identified. The position of the Health and Safety Officer has grown to become a crucial role in many companies due to the growing numbers of litigation cases currently facing many employers. Significant British and European Standards are being introduced to the emergency service markets which will seriously influence and place added responsibility on the purchaser to supply the correct footwear.

MAGNUM footwear is striving to meet end user requirements, reducing the risk of poor performance footwear. All footwear available is compliant with the latest standards and directives allowing MAGNUM to stay one step ahead. All current UK products are now compliant to European Standards EN345-1 (safety steel toe) or EN347-1 (occupational/non steel toe). Both EN345-1 and EN347-1 dictate that all components within the product must be individually tested as well as the whole finished product after manufacture. MAGNUM product is individually marked on the tongue label to establish compliance to a specified CE performance offering the customer instant identification of accreditation.

Over a decade ago MAGNUM set up its own dedicated MAGNUM Advisory Committee (MAC UK), referring back to the end-user for valuable feedback and guidance.
MAC UK comprises members of the UK’s emergency services working alongside the MAGNUM Development Team testing and advising on all new product development in their day-to-day work environment. This ensures all MAGNUM footwear is truly ‘Fit for Purpose’ and continues to exceed end-user requirements.

Testimonials –

Ade Scott – Hampshire Technical Rescue Unit
“The Hampshire Technical Rescue Unit specialises in difficult access rescue providing one of the most advanced services of any UK Fire Service. Such work includes rope rescue, confined space, trench rescue, structural collapse, medical support and heavy lift rescue. Every environment we operate in requires peak performance from our footwear and we feel that the latest generation of MAGNUM boots delivers this. Our personnel work with rescue services around and provide operational equipment testing teams for Daily Mail Group rescue and fire publications. We therefore feel ideally placed to be able to identify good products and have no doubt that MAGNUM is the true market leader”.

Malcolm Russell – (HEMS) Helicopter Emergency Services, Royal London Hospital
Whitechapel, London.
“The work of Hems is unique, enabling specialist doctors and paramedics to be transported to the scene of an accident within minutes. Requirements for footwear are specific. We need to have the confidence that each individual in our team can tackle any situation and their surroundings – from road accidents to technical rescue. MAGNUM understands our requirements for specific features and technical specifications and has provided us with a style that is ‘Fit for Purpose’ in all environments”.

Kerry-May Green, Paramedic, Essex Air Ambulance
"MAGNUM boots are robust, sturdy and allow the crew of the air ambulance to get to terrains as diverse as the actual helicopter itself. Once when called to a barge out at sea the helicopter landed on a beach, I ran across the shingle and climbed onto a lifeboat that then took me out to the barge. I have encountered many terrains in my time with the Essex Air Ambulance. With MAGNUM boots I know that my feet are safe."

Richard Mackie, Paramedic, Kent Ambulance
"MAGNUM boots provide me with great support round the ankles. They are so comfortable that it's almost like wearing trainers. With MAGNUM boots we know that we can just get on with our jobs, they would take a lot of beating."
Christopher Taylor, Police Sergeant, Special Operations, Metropolitan Police
“MAGNUM is THE only footwear I trust to support and protect me 100% of the time in my job. The footwear is instantly comfortable, even after a 12 hour shift, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”
Lee Marsh, Paramedic, Essex Air Ambulance
“The Magnum Elite is a very comfortable boot. It provides good support of the ankle and good grip from the sole which is ideal when tackling the rough ground we sometimes have to land on. All round, the MAGNUM Elite is a great boot that is perfect to help deal with the changing conditions that the HEMS paramedics of the Essex Air Ambulance have to deal with on a daily basis.”
The development of product continues throughout the sales process. MAGNUM actively encourages wear trial and risk assessment tests prior to bulk purchases of any one product to ensure total customer satisfaction. Actively working with their customer’s guarantees in-depth product feedback that lead to improvements. Extensive product trials are implemented with teams from the emergency services within the UK.

Trials have been successfully completed and bulk orders placed for: Avon, Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire, Coventry & Warwickshire, Cumbria, Dorset, East Anglia, East Midlands, Essex, Gibraltar, Gloucestershire, Isle of Wight, Lancashire, Lincolnshire, London, N. Ireland, Royal Berkshire, Shropshire, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, States of Jersey, Surrey, Isle of Man, Hereford & Worcester and Oxfordshire Ambulance Services. Suffolk, North Yorkshire, Sussex, West Yorkshire, N. Ireland, Dumfries and Galloway, Avon & Somerset, Thames Valley, Greater Manchester, Lothian & Borders, Hampshire and Surrey Police Services. Avon, Cambridge, Cheshire, Essex, London, County Durham & Darlington, Cumbria, Derbyshire, East Sussex, Hampshire, Hertford & Worcester, Humberside, Kent, Lancashire, Lothian & Borders, Mid & West Wales, North Yorkshire, Northumberland, Royal Berkshire, South Wales, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Tyne & Wear, Warwickshire, West Midlands, West Sussex, West Yorkshire Cleveland, Durham, Teeside and Northumberland Fire Services.

UK Ministry of Defence.