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March 15, 2006 at

Magnum Elite Series Boots Come Out Top in Explosive Testing

Hertforshire, UK — Magnum’s Elite 8" Leather boot endured the best in independent explosive testing performed by the UK’s Armed Response Vehicle (ARV) Department. The department chose to put the Magnum Elite boot and three other styles of tactical boots to the test after two injuries resulted from explosions near officers’ feet.

The following report was produced by Nick Barnes, Head of Procurement, Hertfordshire Police Force ( UK ) as a result of two incidents that took place during ARV Dynamic Entry (DE) training within two separate forces:

The Incidents
"The failure of supplied boots has caused two officers to suffer severe injuries to their feet and ankles. These injuries occurred during Dynamic Entry (DE) training where stun grenades were deployed. In both cases the grenades went off beside the boots. The blast in both cases blew holes in the sides of the boots causing injury to the officers’ feet and ankles.

On hearing these failures and resulting injuries, Hertfordshire Constabulary/Police Force immediately stopped all ARV personnel from wearing this specific boot while training and looked to the marketplace for a more suitable product. However, there was increasing concern about existing manufacturers’ ability to supply a boot that would stand up to a 'NICO 9 bang' stun grenade.

The Trial
"It was decided to trial four boot styles (including the Magnum Elite 8" Leather) that met initial criteria required for ARV DE work and conduct experiments of controlled explosions on them. First the boots were given to officers to trial and report back on how they found them to perform on standard duty (comfort, durability, etc.). Then a 'NICO 9-bang' stun grenade was taped to the side of each boot and then electronically ignited. This was done to replicate the worst-case scenario of a stun grenade going off when actually in contact with the boot. The boots should provide the wearer with supreme comfort during an average 12-hour shift while also ensuring maximum protection at all levels of DE work."

The Result
"The Magnum Elite 8" Leather was the overall winner with minimal damage. The 3 competitor products failed due to extensive material damage including holes and disintegration of the product. As a result of the testing, the Magnum Elite boot is now the recommended boot for DE Training / Operational Service in Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire Constabulary/Police Force is now evaluating and reviewing all operational procedures and intends to impose the Magnum Elite Series boot as a mandatory uniform item within the ARV section." -- Nick Barnes, Head of Procurement, Hertfordshire Constabulary/Police Force ( UK )

**Disclaimer: Magnum is in no way implying a grenade- or bomb-proof quality to the Elite Series of boots, nor any other Magnum product. The above trial was an independently conducted experiment by a tactical department that elected to perform their own testing and draw their own conclusions regarding footwear safety.
Who are the Armed Response Vehicle Department?

Armed Response Vehicles (ARV) are crewed by uniformed officers who have been selected and extensively trained to stabilize and control armed incidents, stop and search suspects, their vehicles, and to search premises for armed suspects. Each ARV usually carries three officers and each has a specific task when responding to an armed incident. These officers are the first "armed officers" to arrive on the scene, making immediate assessment of the situation and containing the threat.