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August 4, 2009 at

Police - July 2009

Magnum’s Cardio 4:sys receives rave reviews and a full write up thanks to editor and law enforcement officer, Scott Smith. Be sure to read the full article but first, here are a few highlight from the article;

“The cardio 4 has an exoskeleton to give the shoe lateral support, reducing the odds of blowing out the side of the shoe when lifting or doing various stressful moves such as lunges or lateral runs.”

“..I’ve found it (Cardio 4:sys) also performs well on the road, on trails, as a bike shoe, and in the gym”

“I have worn my Cardio 4 to a couple of Srping Nascar races....We all know how hot asphalt can be on a sunny. My feet never had that being baked feeling when walking around the track and all the parking lots”


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